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Previous Projects

Kenya, 2017

The Team: Aidan McGlade , Barry Mortimer , Cathy McGuckin , Ciara McGuigan, Colleen Kearney , Colm Kelly , Conor Ward , Conrad McCloskey , Eoin McGuckian , James Mellon , John Mulholland , Katie Strathern , Lauren Elliot , Pat Mullan , Paul Ward , Paula Morgan , Rosemary Mellon , Seamus O'Neill , Sean McGuigan , Sean Mortimer, Shane Connor and Victoria Lagan.

Kenya, 2016

In September 2016 a team of 17 people travelled to Chris Morrone Mixed Secondary School in the Mounts of Kenya. This is beside Tigithi Primary School where Granaghan Outreach have worked in previous years. The team begun their departure on the 17th Of September and returned home on the 1st of October....

Kenya, 2015

On the 16th of August 2015, 9 volunteers travelled to Western Kenya to begin constructing a classroom for children with special needs. This involved digging foundations (Using only picks and spades), levelling out the ground, mixing and pouring concrete etc. A new pathway was also constructed outside of the existing classroom/dormitory. While the concrete was curing, renovation works on the existing classrooms/dormitory were carried out, painting walls, windows, doors, new blackboards etc...

Lusaka Zambia, 2013

Marianne Bradley, Deonne Corvan, Aine Craig, Sarah Louise Grieve, Colm Kelly, Aidan McGlade, John Mulholland, Edel Neeson, Stephen Neeson, and Niamh O’Kane left Granaghan Resource Centre to travel to Lusaka, Zambia.

Kiamathaga Secondary School, Kenya 2012

Kiamathaga Secondary School is a new school currently being built in the town of Tigith, close to Mt Kenya. The school has the following shortcomings which, if were completed would allow the school to open:

1: A toilet block with wash facilities (estimated cost 200,000 Kenyan Shillings)
2: Kitchen structure (estimated cost 400,000 Kshs)
3: Eco-friendly, smokeless stove and cooking equipment for kitchen (estimated cost 150,000 Kshs) 4: Foundations for next two classrooms (estimated cost 100,000 Kshs)
5: 90 school desks (estimated cost 225,000 Kshs)
6: Text books

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011

I’ll begin at the end!  Wednesday 16th November 2011 a large group gathered in festive mood to say goodbye and thank you to Siobhan O’Kane, Colm Kelly and John Mulholland.   You could see there was great rapport between Argentines and these three hardworking Irish people:  lots of teasing and laughter.  Each one spoke their appreciation and mentioned over and over again the success in overcoming the language barrier, as not one of the Irish had a word of Spanish...

Tigithi Primary School, Kenya 2010

The 2010 Granaghan Outreach team has recently returned after completing a sixth successful project in Kenya. This year’s project was the new build of classrooms at the Tigithi School. Tigithi is a rural Primary School located in Naro Moru on the slopes of Mount Kenya, surrounded by forest and small farms. The area has faced increasing economic problems with a prolonged drought devastating the crops. The original classrooms had no floors and the structures were made from wood so although the school had a picturesque look, the learning environment was very far from ideal...

Kayieye School, Kenya 2009

On the 11th October 2009 a team of 8 volunteers commenced their journey to Kenya, half of whom had no idea of what the next two weeks lay ahead for them but took the opportunity to seek advice from the experienced members who had completed the journey beforehand. This years team consisted of John Mulholland, Des Cleary, Colm Kelly, John McKinley, Nicola McGlinchey, Zara McKeague, Mariana McKeefry and Siobhán O’Kane..

Dophil Clinic, Kenya 2008

In October 2008, Granaghan Outreach returned to Western Kenya to help construct an operating theatre at the remote Dophil Clinic. The clinic is a small but comprehensive one, on the road from Kisumu to Siaya and is a satellite clinic for the District hospital. The construction of the operating theatre at Dolphil will hopefully turn the clinic into a serious satellite station for the whole region and provide access to surgical needs for a huge number of people.

The project was the new build of an operating theatre, approx 100m2 on land directly behind the clinic.

Wagwer Secondary School, Kenya 2007

On the 30th September 2007, 11 volunteers travelling at their own expense, departed for the two week project. The team included Seamus Lagan, Dessie Cleary, Tony Conway, James McLarnon, Ciara McMaster, Ciara Bradley, Theresa Dunne, Damian O’Kane, John Mulholland, Patrick Turner and Brenda McWilliams. This project was also carried out in conjunction with Moving Mountains....

Nyasidhi Primary School, Kenya 2006

The plan to undertake a charity project was instigated by Granaghan Parish Council in early 2006. Interest soon spread throughout the community and the foundation of a team of volunteers emerged. In search of a suitable project for the team, the help of Moving Mountains was sought. Moving Mountains is an established registered charity actively involved in Kenya. They had several potential projects in Kenya which were suitable for our team. The project of renovating 5 classrooms at a primary school in Nyasidhi, Western Kenya was the project adopted by the Granaghan team which then received the label ‘Team Kenya’....

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