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Kenya 2012

Kiamathaga Secondary School is a new school currently being built in the town of Tigith, close to Mt Kenya. The school has the following shortcomings which, if were completed would allow the school to open:

1: A toilet block with wash facilities (estimated cost 200,000 Kenyan Shillings)
2: Kitchen structure (estimated cost 400,000 Kshs)
3: Eco-friendly, smokeless stove and cooking equipment for kitchen (estimated cost 150,000 Kshs) 4: Foundations for next two classrooms (estimated cost 100,000 Kshs)
5: 90 school desks (estimated cost 225,000 Kshs)
6: Text books


In 2010 the main project of Granaghan Outreach was the new build of classrooms at Tigithi Primary School. It will be a bonus to return to the same area with the new objective of providing secondary education for the children that have benefited from the new primary school.

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