Kenya 2012

Kiamathaga Secondary School is a new school currently being built in the town of Tigith, close to Mt Kenya. The school has the following shortcomings which, if were completed would allow the school to open:

1: A toilet block with wash facilities (estimated cost 200,000 Kenyan Shillings)
2: Kitchen structure (estimated cost 400,000 Kshs)
3: Eco-friendly, smokeless stove and cooking equipment for kitchen (estimated cost 150,000 Kshs) 4: Foundations for next two classrooms (estimated cost 100,000 Kshs)
5: 90 school desks (estimated cost 225,000 Kshs)
6: Text books


In 2010 the main project of Granaghan Outreach was the new build of classrooms at Tigithi Primary School. It will be a bonus to return to the same area with the new objective of providing secondary education for the children that have benefited from the new primary school.

Granaghan Outreach Charitable Trust is accepted as a charity by

HM Revenue & Customs under reference number XT5466

Charity Registration Number: 105792

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