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Kenya 2015

On the 16th of August 2015, 9 volunteers travelled to Western Kenya to begin constructing a classroom for children with special needs. This involved digging foundations (Using only picks and spades), levelling out the ground, mixing and pouring concrete etc. A new pathway was also constructed outside of the existing classroom/dormitory. While the concrete was curing, renovation works on the existing classrooms/dormitory were carried out, painting walls, windows, doors, new blackboards etc.

Further funding was provided to the local orphanage, Ulamba Children's Home, for new plates, cups, cutlery and other various kitchen utensils. Ulamba Children Home is located in the Nyanza District of Western Kenya. Aside from the home itself, which has girls and boys dormitories, a baby unit, staff quarters, kitchen and dining area, toilets and showers and a large play area, Ulamba has an Early Child Development (ECD) centre for up to 120 pre-school children who attend daily, a communiunity bore-hole providing clean water, a guest house and guest rooms for visitors and volunteers, small farm with animals and crops and a community hall for community events and meetings of woman's groups, community groups and cooperatives.

On the 12th of Septemeber, a further team of 15 volunteers travelled to the same area of Western Kenya to complete the project. After 2 weesk of hard work, Granaghan Outreach were proud to have completed the special needs classroom at Kayieye Primary School. The team returned home on the 26th of September 2015.

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