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Zambia 2013

Sunday 18th of August

Marianne Bradley, Deonne Corvan, Aine Craig, Sarah Louise Grieve, Colm Kelly, Aidan McGlade, John Mulholland, Edel Neeson, Stephen Neeson, and Niamh O’Kane left Granaghan Resource Centre to travel to Lusaka, Zambia.

After a long trip via Birmingham and Dubai, we arrived safely in Lusaka and were taken by Sr Sahai to St Patricks Foxdale where the group would stay for the duration of the trip. We then went to the Home of Joy orphanage in the evening time for a welcome ceremony and a meal. Here everyone was introduced to the Irish Ambassador of Zambia who invited the team for a meal on Sunday at the Irish Embassy/Consulate. We also met Donald who provided information on the project and would be our main point of contact for the project.

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