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Donation to Sr Bridget Quinn to help battle aids in Cameroon

Sr. Bridget Quinn departed Swatragh in 1972 and went to Cameroon as a “Sister of Christ”. She immediately recognized the need for health care and nursing and she came back to the UK, trained as a nurse and completed further training on “Tropical Diseases”
Sr. Bridget was instrumental in opening a Health Centre in Mutengene, Tiko in Cameroon and has over the years developed this facility into a 64 bed hospital known as The Regina Pacis Health Centre which she runs by herself.
She now has a dental clinic, an eye surgery, an x-ray department, an anti-natal and child welfare department, an ultra sound facility and an operating theatre, all of which is serviced by one retired surgeon and one doctor along with a number of nurses.
Sr. Bridget has been running an AIDS awareness program and a 1st stage screening program for AIDS for many years. She has had a dream that she would be able complete the AIDS tests on her patients instead of sending them to a distant facility for which the individual would have to pay the equivalent of £9 to have the test completed. The majority of people could neither travel nor afford the test which without they could not qualify to receive government sponsored drugs to treat their illness.
The recognized test for AIDS is a blood test and the machines that are used for this test have been prohibitive in price. A number or years ago such a machine would have cost £50,000 and more recently £25,000 all prices which have been unaffordable for Sr. Bridget. The World Health Organization have recently agreed to subsidize the purchase of a machine for Sr. Bridget and Granaghan Outreach is delighted to have been in the position to provide the £6,000 that Sr. Bridget needed to enable her to buy the machine. This would have not been possible except for the support of local people who have donated so generously and supported Granaghan Outreach in their work.