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Zambia 2013

On Sunday 18th of August 2013, 10 volunteers travelled to Lusaka, Zambia to help with the regeneration of St Charles School and also to assist with the construction of the first park in Lusaka.

A journal from Zambia trip

Below is the journal as kept by the group of girls that travelled to Zambia in July 2010.

While we were in Zambia we completed a group diary of every day we were there. As it would be impossible to go through every day, I have taken out a few paragraphs of different days that I feel will put across as best I can, how good an experience we had and hopefully if anyone reading this is on the fence about going on a trip with Granaghan Outreach this will convince you, it is an experience of a lifetime…..

The six Granaghan Outreach girls embark on their trip for Zambia

The girls set off today on their journey to Lusaka, Zambia.

Team of 6 girls destined for Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia will be the destination of the first Granaghan Outreach trip for 2010, while details of the second trip which is likely to see a return to Kenya in October, are being finalised. Maggie Bradley, Marianne Bradley, Ciara McEldowney, Katie McEldowney, Margaret McEldowney and Denise McGuigan are set to travel in July 2010.